Hosting and Cloud Services

Physical or virtual, on-premise or in the cloud?

Cloud Building BlocksWith the advent of virtualization technology and the ubiquity and reliability of Internet access, the frequency of the SMB business hosting their own server equipment, or even their own applications, has been greatly reduced. Today, almost any application can be found in cloud form hosted by some application service provider on the Internet.

Cloud services free the business from the cost of buying, housing and maintaining physical server, storage and networking equipment, while reducing costs through the significant economies of scale that cloud service providers generate.

Simplify your cloud decision

Doug Floer and Associates can help you decide if cloud application or hosting services will work for your organization. We can also help you navigate the plethora of cloud service offerings to find the perfect fit for your organization.

We can manage the secure migration of your application, servers, and data to the cloud, in part or in full, based on your specific requirements. We specialize in post-implementation monitoring and administration of cloud and on-premises applications and will be there for you after your migration.

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