IT Planning

The break and fix conundrum

Information technology planning at most small- and medium-sized businesses often consists of simply replacing equipment when it becomes unusable. The results are unpredictable costs, budget overruns and frustrated users.

Proactive engagement

iStock_000027351925XSmallThe computing world is changing by leaps and bounds, making the job of anticipating long-term IT requirements a difficult process. We can help you with this process, and improve stability in your IT environment and your business by developing and executing long-term and annual IT plans that fit your business cycles.

Doug Floer and Associates will provide an assessment of your current environment by undertaking an IT review. The results of this assessment are then  used to prescribe technological direction over the short- and near-term.

Predictable IT, stable business

Advance knowledge of  IT direction can guide the renewal and change that will help keep your IT environment performing efficiently and reliably. Your company will also benefit from the improved predictability and stability in your budgeting process. Contact us if you would like to see how we can help with your organization’s IT needs.