Business Continuity Planning

Too small to fail?

Cloud FailureFew small businesses invest in the full breadth of practices and procedures necessary to assure that the business is capable of functioning in the event of a significant operational impact. Those that do have a distinct advantage because they are able to operate with confidence in the knowledge that, no matter what the circumstance, business operations can carry on with limited disruption.

The largest perceived obstacles to the establishment of a business continuity plan (BCP) for most SMB businesses are time and money. Historically, building and maintaining a full disaster recovery plan has been a large, resource-draining initiative with significant upfront and on-going costs.

Today, the landscape has changed, with virtual technology greatly mitigating the complexity and cost of establishing fallback measures essential to ensuring business continuity.

Business IT insurance

Doug Floer and Associates can help you define and implement a business continuity plan that provides the functionality to keep your business running after an unanticipated impact, and do it in a way that fits your organization’s budget.

For some organizations, a significant step forward is simply putting the right data security and protection plan in place. For those businesses, we can help identify the right plan along with a backup and recovery strategy for your unique circumstances.

For other organizations, a full disaster recovery plan with annual activation rehearsal is essential to ensuring full protection of the business. Others require key business applications be available within predefined recovery time objectives. We can help with this, too.

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