Contract Business IT Support

IT doesn’t manage itself

Every business today has a sizable investment in information technology. The responsiveness of your business, and ultimately its success, is tied directly to the smooth, reliable operation of your IT environment. But for most small- and medium-sized businesses, managing and supporting a complexity IT environment is costly and siphons resources from the core function of the business.

The IT advantage

young it engeneer in datacenter server roomDoug Floer and Associates offers SMBs an attractive alternative. Our team of experienced business IT professionals can build, manage and monitor your IT infrastructure, applications and data for a fixed hourly or monthly rate. Our services include:

  • Network and system design, deployment and administration
  • Vendor negotiation and liason
  • Equipment selection, procurement and deployment
  • On-site setup, installation, and support
  • Software installation, configuration and training
  • Cloud migration
  • Virtualization conversion
  • Help desk and technical support
  • 24/7 monitoring

Our experienced engineers and business IT support personnel can usually work with you over the phone to diagnose and resolve most problems. If needed, we can quickly dispatch a technician for an on-site call to get you back on track.

We can help

Contract Business IT Support gives you the confidence that business roadblocks can be quickly and professionally removed, allowing you to tend to your business. Contact us today for more details.